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The application period for the 2023 Oxford University Scholarships is now open. Send in your scholarship applications to Oxford University. If you truly want to attend one of the top colleges in the world while receiving a fully funded scholarship in the UK. You should attend Oxford University. All international undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students are eligible to apply. The scholarships offered by Oxford University will automatically be given consideration. Investigate a range of programs. Oxford University is offering more than 1,000 scholarships for students entering in 2023–24. You must get an admissions offer from the university before you may apply.

According to Oxford University, the university anticipates being able to provide roughly 1,000 new graduate students with full or partial scholarships for the 2023–24 academic year. Your tuition, living expenses, and travel expenses will all be covered by the scholarship grant. Each scholarship is unique and offers a different set of financial advantages. Except for medicine, you can apply to any course and any discipline. There are thousands of options at the university.

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One of the better opportunities is here. Once more, the moment has come for the opening of all of the scholarships for 2023. You must submit your application for the Oxford graduate scholarship by December 2022 or January 2023. Here, we provide a list of the courses and qualifying requirements for the scholarships offered by Oxford University. Below you may find all the information on the Oxford University Scholarships for 2023 Entry.

Information about 2023 Oxford University Scholarships

• Nation: the United Kingdom

• University: university of Oxford.

• Studying at the undergraduate, masters, doctoral, and PhD levels

• Financial Protection: Funded in Full

• Scholarships awarded in total: 1,000

• Deadline: January 2023 (For Undergraduates), October 15, 2022 (For Graduates)

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Scholarship for Undergraduates at Oxford University

• Undergraduate Oxford Scholarships for International Students: Tuition, a Grant for Living Expenses, and One Return Flight Per Year.

• Graduate student scholarships at Oxford University: Your degree fees and/or living expenses will be paid for the University of Oxford Scholarships for Graduates. Up to 1,000 Oxford Graduate Scholarships, full or partial.

• The Oxford University provides a list of "Automatically Considered Scholarships" as well as other scholarships (Check Here)

How can I apply to Oxford University's undergraduate program?

One of the best instructions provided by Oxford University for applying to the undergraduate program is step-by-step instructions in simple language and with graphics. The Oxford University has revised its list of additional undergraduate scholarships (Here)

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Undergraduate Application Deadline: October 15, 2022


Scholarships for Graduate Study at Oxford University

More than 150 different nations sent students to Oxford University to study abroad. You can pursue any form of graduate program, including a Masters, PhD, MPhil, or DPhil. This Fully Funded Scholarship is accessible to graduate students at Oxford University.

At Oxford University, you will be immediately considered for graduate scholarships.

Financial Protection

• Course costs and a Living Expenses Grant

• One round-trip ticket each year

• Here is a list of scholarships that Oxford University "Automatically Considers."

How to Submit an International Student Application to Oxford University

• Investigate graduate programs for 2023–24.

• Select the course(s) you want to take. View details on each of our courses.

• Verify your course's admission requirements. On each course page, specific grades and courses  needed are also listed.

Training for Graduates

Read our in-depth guide to graduate programs that are accepting applications for admittance in 2023–24.

A-Z listing of all courses 


Courses Part-time courses

Graduate fees and funding

information about costs of living, scholarships, loans, and other financial aid.

money from Oxford

External funding

Fees, financial aid, and scholarship research

application for Oxford

You will be guided through the graduate admissions process by our comprehensive information.

Application guide

Waivers Application Guide

details for referees


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