Global Leader Award for International Students at University of Connecticut, USA 2022-23


This is to inform you that the University of Connecticut, USA, will be accepting applications for the Global Leader Award for International Students from 2022 to 2023.

Significant Points

The gist of the Global Leader Award for International Students at the University of Connecticut, USA 2022–2023 is as follows:

• Partially funded

• All of their classes are at the University of Connecticut.

• Students from other countries are welcome.

• Every undergraduate applicant is qualified. 

Brief description

The University of Connecticut is located in the Northeast and is among the top 25 public universities in the US. It is ranked 25th or higher. The university's 18 unique global institutions, centers, and programs give students a worldwide perspective in addition to exposing them to a variety of cultures and customs.

Why should I enroll at the University of Connecticut? The latest recent technology will be put to use by students at UConn for research, information gathering, and information processing. They'll learn how to stay in touch with professors, lecturers, and subject-matter specialists all across the world.

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Application Closing Date

The deadline for applications is December 1, 2022.

Qualifying Courses

High-achieving international will only be eligible for the following course under the Global Leader Award for International Students at the University of Connecticut, USA 2022–2023:

• All courses 

The benefit of the Scholarship Award

The university will offer all of the following:

The University of Connecticut will cover the applicants' undergraduate tuition costs if they are accepted.

Level Type

Undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for the Global Leader Award for International Students at the University of Connecticut, USA 2022–2023.

Amount of Awards

not defined

eligibility requirements

To be eligible for the University of Connecticut's Global Leader Award for International Students in 2022–2023, all applicants must fulfill the requirements listed below:

Candidates must be citizens of the world.

Candidates must sign up for an undergraduate program.

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Application Method

The sole remaining method for applying legitimately is as follows:

• To apply to the program of their choice at the university, students must complete the university's online application form. The application form, recommendation letters, and essay must all be submitted by the applicants to be considered for the opportunity.

• As supporting evidence, upload transcripts and diplomas from international universities in English and the official language of the institution.

• Admission Requirements: Prospective students should check the university's admission requirements before applying.

• Students whose native language is English must have two years of documented foreign language study to enroll at UConn. People whose mother tongues are any other language view English as an alien language.

• It's imperative to review all of the requirements on the Award Webpage before applying (see the link below).

To begin your application click here 

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