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Foreign students have fewer scholarship and honors opportunities, so you should plan to support yourself throughout your time at York. No award application guarantees that you will be evaluated for scholarships that do not require registration.

For awards that require an application, complete the Foreign Student Scholarship & Award Application as soon as possible. The registration will close on February 1, 2022, at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Time.

University students from the United States: You may be able to use your FAFSA loans, which are federally subsidized, to help pay for school at Glendon Campus. York University's FAFSA code is G07679. 

Those who do not have an admission offer from York can apply for entry grants and scholarships. York University has announced the Glendon global prizes. Registration for the 2022-2023 academic year is now open.

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Hands-on learning opportunities to help you succeed in your job. Our programs provide the best training available to ensure your success. You will gain a broad academic foundation as well as in-demand skills for today's society, such as critical thinking, research, and communication.

Most of the courses also include an interactive and immersive component that allows you to gain hands-on experience or learn about various cultures around the world.

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Improve your language skills

While pursuing your global perspective, you must improve your language skills with the (Glendon multilingual, bilingual, and trilingual programs) that represent Canada's cultural diversity.

Every year at Glendon, you will participate in one or more foreign language programs. Although we encourage language study, bilingualism is not required in many of our programs. All of our students complete assessment tasks in one of Canada's official languages to be placed at the appropriate level.

What if I told you that if you're a total beginner in one of Canada's official languages, you can only be expected to attend four hours of language classes per week while at Glendon?

How learning a foreign language expands your options:

Employers nowadays seek bilingual workers. Bilingual employees in Canada earn 18 to 20% more than non-bilingual employees. Speaking a second language also improves your memory, problem-solving skills, and ability to multitask.

It is a smaller campus with a lovely heart.

Glendon warmly welcomes students from anywhere in the world who want to make a difference in society in the future. And we believe that students deserve our commitment to making their dreams a reality.

Glendon provides you with every opportunity to have a bright future, regardless of who you are! Glendon Global Scholarships for Students at Home for 2022-23 at York University in Canada

Glendon Global Awards are available at York University in Canada for undergraduate and international students in all subject areas from 2022 to 2023.

What their scholarship entails:

For the academic year 2022–2023, international students may apply for Glendon Global Scholarships at York University in Canada. All Subjects offered at York University undergraduate-level programs are eligible for the prize. The application cutoff date is February 1, 2022.

Education Level: Degree

For undergraduate studies at York University in Canada in 2022–2023, Glendon Global Scholarships are offered. And all of the possible subjects are included.

New foreign applicants for undergraduate programs at YorkU's Glendon campus will be awarded this special stipend. The value of this award ranges from $5,000 to $10,000. Those who are accepted into YorkU's applied course are eligible for this enrollment.

York Institution is a public research institution in Canada that is ranked 19th. Its stated goals of excellence in research and teaching in pure, applied, and professional fields, where they push the boundaries and structures of learning while cultivating critical thinking, are being worked on.

What are the advantages of studying at York University?

York University students are taught by professors who are pioneering the future of global health, solid business solutions, and much more. Students can pursue a double major or enroll in blended courses to integrate multiple fields of study.

The following dates are the application deadlines: Registrations for these applications must be submitted by March 1, 2022.

A summary of the Award

York University Glendon Campus is the name of the institution.

Their Division is: (NA)

Undergraduate students will be eligible for the $10,000 award prize, which will be presented in Canada. Foreign students can access it online.

Who Qualifies

All international students may apply.

Any undergraduate program at York University is open to applicants.

The eligibility requirements are:

• To be considered, applicants must fulfill all of the standards listed below: Students must apply to the Glendon Campus of York University.

• The applicants must be new international students enrolled in YorkU's Glendon campus' applied program. After applying for enrolment at York, you will get a 9-digit registration number within 5 business days.

• You must be an international student who needs a study permit to enroll in classes in Canada. You must have submitted an application for an undergraduate degree program at York Institution that begins in the autumn of 2022.

• The York University applicants had to apply within two years of graduating from high school, without any prior academic background or college-level coursework.

• Excellent academic standing with an "A" or above is required.

• Should have demonstrated leadership by volunteerism, community service, or accomplishments in the arts, athletics, or even in other fields of personal success.

• The Global Entrance Award of Distinction, Global Leader of Tomorrow Award, International Circle of Scholars Scholarships, York University Academic Excellence Scholarships, etc., must be recommended by their high school, and each school may only nominate one student. All of these prizes will be taken into consideration by the suggested student.

• The York Foreign Student Scholarship & Award Application must be discussed with the guidance counselor, principal, or administration at the applicant's school, and documentation proving the applicant is the student being suggested from that institution must be obtained by the applicant.

• The candidate must then complete the application form with the nominee's name, title, contact information, and email address. Additionally, make sure that all required documents in the York registration are marked as "Completed and Received" and upload one letter of recommendation.

How to Make Your Application Successful

Either the school portal or the (OUAC) portal should be used by students to submit their admissions applications. Interested parties should fill out the registration form. Additionally, when applying, students are required to present their official transcript from York University as one of the supporting documents.

The prerequisites for their admission are as follows:

The candidates must satisfy all entrance requirements of the university. And The following examinations of English language proficiency must be completed by students:

IBT TOEFL score of 83

TFI - 785 TFI - 4 CAEL - 70 IELTS: 6.5 PTE: 60 TCF: B2 DELF: B2 DALF: C1 or C2)

The advantages of this York University scholarship are that the chosen international students will earn ($5,000–$10,000) for their studies.

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