For the past 9 months, we shared Glo limitless free browsing cheat which must be actuated around evening time, yet now, we will share another limitless free browsing cheat for Glo Nigeria that can be enacted whenever. You can just browse limitlessly on opera mini browser. 

Because of the client who welcomed this data to our notification on our Message gathering. This new Glo cheat can be initiated whenever, however we know the issue with Glo, which is moderate speed. Anyway, we should come to the heart of the matter. 

This Glo limitless cheat is somewhat unique which I will clarify later in this post. You should simply focus on the rules here. 

This Glo limitless free browsing cheat has to do with you buying in for any of Glo's opera mini Smaller than usual social. In this post, I'll show you how you can initiate your Glo sim for limitless perusing, download and streaming. 


1. First of all, get two Glo sim cards. (SIM Y and SIM Z) 

2. Make sure there is no dynamic information on both SIM Y and Z. Be it 3G or 4G sim. 

3. On the first (SIM Y), activate Glo opera mini arrangement by dialing *777# > Social bundle > opera data bundle. 

4. Now, share your data from SIM Y with the second Glo sim which is SIM Z. To do this, dial *127*01*NUMBER#. 

5. Yippee! Begin browsing limitlessly on your SIM Z in light of the fact that the cheat has been enacted effectively. The opera mini data on the SIM Y won't be deducted. You can just browse limitlessly on your opera mini application only. 

6. Presently observe that in the event that you turn off your data connection on the SIM Z, or the data connection erroneously turn off, the cheat may quit working. You need to rehash the means by re-buying to opera mini bundle. 

7. This cheat was tried with the Every day opera mini bundle which cost N25 Naira. You can attempt different plans with greater legitimacy period.

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