How To Activate Two - Factor Authentication On Facebook Without A Phone Number


Two-factor confirmation (2FA) on Facebook adds another layer of security to your record. Facebook lets you utilize 2FA without adding a telephone number also. 

So in case you're reluctant about giving Facebook your versatile number, here is the manner by which you can empower two-factor confirmation on Facebook without a telephone number. 

Enact 2FA On Facebook Without Phone Number 

You can empower two-factor verification on Facebook without a telephone number in a couple of simple strides from your Android/iOS gadget or your work area also. 

You'll require Google Authenticator or Duo Authenticator to do as such. I'd prescribe Google Authenticator since it's simpler to utilize and has a superior interface.


•Open the Facebook application and snap on the burger menu (☰) on the upper right side

•Look down and select Settings and Privacy > Settings

•Tap on Security and Login > Use Two-Factor Authentication

From the following page, you can pick how you need to get confirmation codes from Facebook. To empower two-factor confirmation on Facebook without a telephone number, select Authentication application, and tap on Continue. 

In case you're utilizing your telephone to set up two-factor verification, click on Set up on same gadget. You'll be diverted to the Google Authenticator application. The application will approach you to spare the key for your record. Snap on Yes and you've effectively empowered two-factor validation on Facebook without a telephone number. 

Why utilize two-factor validation? 

Facebook 2FA, similar to the name proposes, requests that you enter an optional code, beside your secret key each time you sign into your Facebook account. This code is a one-time pin which implies on the off chance that any other individual has your secret word and attempts to sign into your record, they would require a code too that will be shipped off your telephone. 

When empowered, two-factor validation lets you know whether somebody is attempting to sign into your Facebook record, and lets you secure it right away. By and large, you'd get an OTP on your telephone number, yet 2FA can be empowered on Facebook without adding your telephone number.

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