How To Setup A Custom Blogger Domain Name


What's in a name? With regards to establishing a decent first connection with your guests - everything! A name can represent the deciding moment a site, and the equivalent can be said about the URL or site address of your blog. Your blog's location ought to be short, straightforward, and simple to recall! That is the place where area names come into the image, as they can change a long and appalling Blogspot URL into an expert looking work of art. 

A decent aspect regarding Blogger, is that it permits its clients to update or change over their Blogspot URLs into space names. How about we investigate how you can do this. 


Obviously, the initial step is to pick and buy another space name. You can do this by visiting GoDaddy and doing an inquiry to check whether the area name that you need is accessible. It's ideal to begin your pursuit by checking if your present Blogspot's name is accessible. Along these lines, for instance, if your Blogspot address is, verify whether is accessible to enroll. On the off chance that your name isn't accessible, take a stab at adding "blog" or "website" to the furthest limit of the name. 


The general purpose in having an area name is to look more expert, thusly while picking another space name it's ideal to remember these recommendations: 

Keep your area name as short as could reasonably be expected. No one jumps at the chance to type in a confounding 20 character area name. 

Keep your area name on point. In the event that your blog is tied in with cooking, pick a space name that mirrors the fundamental subject of your blog. 

In the event that utilizing different words in the space name, ensure these words don't look befuddling when assembled. This regularly happens when two words end and start with a similar letter. 

Attempt to abstain from utilizing numbers. Numbers may be alright for usernames yet in area names they look amateurish. Possibly use numbers if your image or organization name contains a number. 


1. Initial sign into your GoDaddy account. 

2. Subsequent to signing in, click on "My Items". 

3. Under the part called "Spaces", click on "Deal with All". 

4. Snap on "Oversee" close to the area name you need to interface with your BlogSpot blog. 

5. Now, you ought to be on the "Area Settings" page for the space you just tapped on. Close to your space name, click on "Utilize My Area". 

6. Next, under where it says "Associate with a current site" click on the "Interface" button. 

7. Look towards the base where it says "Forward to any site". 

8. Enter the URL address of your BlogSpot blog and snap on "Next". 

9. Under the part called "Kind of Divert", pick "Perpetual (301)". 

10. Under the part called "Sending Settings", pick "Forward with Concealing". 

11. Next, under the part called "Concealing Data", enter your site's subtleties. 

12. At long last, click on "Finish" to spare your settings. 


It might take up to 48 hours for your new area name to proliferate around the world, yet ordinarily it just takes 6-8 hours.

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